Photography Project—Meet Danbo

Thrusday’s are my photography classes at college. After taking a year off from the program, I have to admit, I am a tad intimidated by the stunning work my class mates create. That being said, when our professor assigned us to share two pictures from our final project in class today, I felt a little uneasy as I shuffled towards the white board and slapped my two photos on the very end of the board, shamefully ashamed of my work.

Image<–(One of my photos) Suprisingly, smiles creeped on faces when they turned to this portiat here. They simply adored my model–my paper model who goes by the name Danbo. I felt very pleased that I finally discorved that I could create playful photographs that still bought joy to others faces.

As happy as I am, I can’t take all the credit for my Danbo idea. Recently around Flickr and Deviant Art I’ve seen this little robot character in photographs. Immediatly falling in love with him, I started the search to find one. Sadly, the little plastic robots are selling on for over $60 and up! Thankfully, I stumbled across a papercraft print avalible from Deviant Art user “yuiiwae” (

Danbo, or his official name Danboard is a character from a manga (Japanese comic) series called Yotsuba&! (by Kiyohiko Azuma) based around an adorably strange and naive five year old and her misadventures in exploring the everyday events we take for granted.

Image  ->  Image -> Image

So from comic to plastic robot to my paper craft, I’m very pleased with this little movable guy, and left photography class feeling a little bit better about my current photo progress. 🙂

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