A Lil Intro

Welcome to my Blog! 

My blog is intended to share my never-ending explorations in life with anyone willing to read. A few of my interests are poetry, short fiction, photography, drawing, music and occasionally kitchen creations. Snippets of life will be added to this mixed match mix as well. Basically what comes to my mind, expect to pop up on my blog. Being a 21 year old college student who’s pinching pennies leaves me with enough time to indulge in my interests, so they only keep growing.

Since so much interests me, I can’t commit to a single subject, and I have to admit I feel like a true newbie blogger. I don’t know where this will lead me, but I’m ready to go and hopefully along the way pick up a few readers.

With that little introduction out the way, here’s the only poem I’ve ever wrote about myself:

One Two Flavored Scoop

Look at me
chocolate vanilla twilight swirl
flavored and painted with segregated brushes
long after King put them together

Look at me
blundered burnt sugar with Daddy at the store
in suburbia standards stripped of color
I’m proclaimed an adoptee of this snow man

Look at me
charged caramel carved child follow
Mommy’s Michael Jackson and Pavarotti
around the makeup case my crayon doesn’t match

But, look at me
marble caked still and downy curled
entrusted to double dutch between sun and moon
I’ve captured the verse of her, the flair of him
the extended cultures molded to
the shape of my skin

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