My Newest Little (Crochet) Girl

Crochet Mia by Millieonherworld


As usual, I have taken forever and a day and then a few more hours to update my blog. Better late than never right…yea…maybe? Okay crafty talk now~

This is Mia :D
Finally I’ve acquired the courage to make a doll out of crochet thread, and integrate felting into my crochet projects.


crochet doll hair on mia by millieonherworld


Mia’s hair was all needle felted onto her head, and sticks extremely well, you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. She’s got two braided buns. She’s 10 inches tall, has a crochet removable dress and head band, and yup, I’m thrilled! I’ve already started on her sister, Nia:

crochet thread doll by millie on her world

Well, Nia still needs a few things, a body, an arm, maybe a pair of legs…but Mia watches over her.

While I adore everything about Mia’s outcome, the biggest thorn in my side is her dress. That simple white and purple dress took COUNTLESS times to make, Originally I wanted a fabric dress- that failure led me to a felt dress – then to a crochet tread dress – finally to this normal size 4  yarn outfit. Not the worst, but….I feel I can do better before I place her in my shop.

I’ve been looking for a doll dress maker, I really want Mia to shine! My goal is to have her as a doll little girls can play with and have different accessories/outfits for her to enjoy. I even tried Barbie doll dresses on Mia but they are too big. If yourself or you know someone who can make a doll dress for a 10 in doll, let me know, I will even do an official business deal with them, anything to make Mia a star! :D

Lately Mia has been my most recent completed projects. As usual, I’ve got too many going on. Making a surprise gift for my sister (she reads my blog so I can’t even tell what it is here!), scarfs, hooded poncho, various doll prototypes, headbands, there are things everywhere!

Since my last post I’ve also got my hands on a new quirky camera

fisheye 2 camera yay

The Fisheye 2! This is my first film camera and as the name suggests, all the pictures have the awesome fisheye distortion. Pictures also come out in little circles! The controls are extremely simple, but surprisingly you are able to do a lot of abstract effects to your photos. Have I taken advantage of this? No -_- I’m so cautious with this camera and afraid to “mess up a shot” that I haven’t used it much. And due to me taking it out the box before reading the instructions, the first few pictures on this roll are just of the inside of my purse. My first roll also consists of my friend’s leg, a cat in a dryer, my foot, and my boyfriend’s selfie. I’ll share the decent ones if they aren’t too ridiculous :P

Life the past few months, what to sayyyyy…

-For a month I worked two jobs. Had a horrible experience with awful management, then I quit. On the plus side, I may have a great opportunity opening up that involve my crochet toys! Wish me luck, lots of shiny sparkly LUCK!

- I have lost 2 people: My Aunt Angela “Ankie” passed away in her sleep last month. She had been struggling with diabetes for the past few years. It was very unreal to hear of her passing, especially since I’d seen her a few weeks before. I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for taking for granted the time you have with loved ones. When I last saw her, I went to take a picture of her but my camera died. I then told her “I’ll get you next time.” We never know when the last time we see someone will be, and sometimes I forget that. She was my uncle’s ex wife, but she continued to always be around, and would still even enjoy a drink with my uncle from time to time. Due to miscommunications, I wasn’t able to attend her funeral. I regret that also.

-A week later a “friend” passed away due to skin cancer. I say “friend” because he was more than an acquaintance, but I wasn’t as close to him as his other friends.  His name was William “Billy” Coney. He was my best friend’s friend, they grew up together, and I’ve known him as long as I’ve known her (11 yrs). Whenever he was around my friend’s house, we always had laughs, me and him even had some inside jokes that ran through the years. He was only 22. And going to his wake had to be one of the hardest things I’ve done this year. It took me all night to finally go to the casket to see him lying there. With the combination of his passing and my aunts, that whole week I was in a slump, trying to not allow myself to properly morn but eventually one day at work I had a mini break down. This month I’m doing better, trying to remember to tell those I love that I do love them.

- Happier note, I once again will be seeing my parents in Nevada! Since I actually work now I can only see them for a few days, but I am so excited. Just thinking that I will be able to hug my mom again is comforting. Or the fact that I still will crawl in her lap for a super idc-if-I’m-23-I’ll-still-hug-you-with-all-my-might hug. The sight always cracks my stepdad up. Last month my sister and I sent her a cute package that included  the crochet hats I made her and this gorgeous purple purse my sister finally gave up (my mom had wanted it for years!)

- Hair cut! Four inches gone :)

millie mouse








Man I’ve got to stop mixing crafty creative happy posts with my emotional rant posts lol. But then again I don’t blog for anything specific really, guess its just everything me :P

How have the few months been for all you out there? I know I’m not the only person from the midwest who almost shed a tear seeing snow Tuesday morning, how depressing was that?! This year has certainly been weird, but at this point we might as well just roll with it :) Hope everyone is healthy and happy and doing the best they can in life.

I should be heading to bed, but I think I’m going to finish Forest Gump. My first time watching it as an adult and omg, even more depressing than previous thought!

Just keep swimming,
<3 Millie

Stormy Sweater: DIY Tutorial


Lately I’ve been getting back into thrift/resale/bargain shopping. Not only do I get to save money and get great clothes, I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a sweater that I just want to use for a tutorial anyway. I saw this plain sequent-sleeve sweater and wanted to add my own spin. Heavily inspired by tutorials I’ve seen from Hapy Shoppe Friend’s blog, I wanted to try my own!

Trying to stray away from my cupcake themed obsession, I decided to take note of other objects that I have a fascination with- not sure why or how these came about but I love clouds, umbrellas, and little rain showers. I love clothing with umbrellas, and I think summer rain showers are so soothing. This tutorial took no time at all, and I think is super kawaii~

Materials: Plain sweater,  any colored felt or fabric, embroidery floss/thread, needle, scissors, hot glue gun (optional) and the Sweater_Template.

Step 1. After printing the Sweater Template, cut out all the pieces (easy peasy right?) Cut out as many hearts as you’d like (I did 8). The blush marks are optional and not on the template so if you want them don’t forget.

Step 2. Set the scene! Position the cloud, umbrella, and hearts. (I originally wanted the umbrella to be slanted and the cloud off center, but my sweater was too small…)

Step 3. Let’s start on the faces. There are two ways to go about this. First is to obviously sew the eyes and smile on the cloud and umbrella, with matching thread/embroidery floss. A felt stitch would look best. The second (quicker) option is to use a hot glue gun. The only downside to using hot glue is when you wash your sweater, do it by hand or wash on cold. DO NOT wash it in hot, or your faces will be lost in the wash! When their faces are on, pin them to the sweater.

Step 4. Felt stitch (or hot glue) all the pieces together to make your rain storm come to life. When doing the umbrella, make sure to sew the handle under the umbrella top. What do you know, you’re already done!

milliemouse stormy sweater

I feel proud even though the process was fairly simple. Also I managed not to make something cupcake related again!!-not that I won’t ever return to those sweet desserts but a break is nice :) I must say, it feels SO GOOD to be crafting again lately! Over the past week I’ve had my notebook full of sketches, project notes, poem blurbs, oh how wonderful to be creatively alive :D *hurrah*

I’ve finished this sweater yesterday and I’m already rummaging through my clothes for the next project :)
I’ve been looking for a new job lately, which means filling out boring applications and going store to store which really stresses me out, but crafting everyday tends to lift my spirits. :D

I’ve really taken a liking in upcycling sweater/clothing projects lately, does anyone else feel the same? Any suggested blogs or websites I should check out? I’d love some input. Other than that, thanks for stopping by~ I hope 2014 has been treating everyone well.

Onto the next project!
<3 Millie

Built-In Bow Hat

Built in Bow Hat millie on her world

Unlike the last few hats I’ve made, this one is completely intended for myself :) I give you, the Built-in Bow hat!

After getting frustrated over the Honeycomb hat pattern I was trying to follow (it was more confusing than anticipated) I started looking for another hat pattern. Searching and searching, I discovered the Built-in Bow hat! Actually, the name of this hat had several names, so I don’t really know what it’s called, so I made one up heehee. I found a few patterns–but they were only in child’s sizes. However, I refused to give up! Determined to figure out how it could fit an adult I did some tweaking and managed to make a pattern. :D Very basic with a cute design, here’s what I did to make mine~

Materials: 5.00 mm Hook, Yarn needle, optional decorations, and any kind of size 4 yarn
St – Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet
Ch – Chain

Rnd 1: Dc 11 into a Magic Ring
Rnd 2: 2dc into each st (22)
Rnd 3: Dc, 2dc in next st (34)
Rnd 4: Dc 2, 2dc in next st (45)
Rnd 5: Dc 3, 2dc in next st (56)
Rnd 6: Dc 4, 2dc in next st (67)
Rnd 7-11: Dc 67
Rnd 12: Dc 12, Ch 12 (or desired length), Dc until end.
Rnd 13-16: Repeat Rnd 12

close up built in bow

Finishing: From the middle stitch, sew together to create the built in bow. If wanted, add some bling-bling~ (I know no one says that anymore…)

:) I like this hat. It’s not the warmest to wear outside (in -9 degrees like it is here today) but it is cozy enough to wear indoors or just in a warmed car xD I think I might make one in a lighter color to sport during spring.

Right now I’m gong to work on a DIY upcycle sweater tutorial. Hoping it all goes well and will look cute in the end that is. Wish me luck!

Stay warm out there all my midwest bloggers, and in general to everyone else, this winter is really fierce huh?

Sewing, sewing, sewing,
<3 Millie

Photoshop Fun

RedDress milieonherworld

I used to be real into photo manipulation when I was in school. Haven’t done it in a while, but I thought I’d have a bit of fun with it today :) I’m SUPER rusty, but maybe will get back into the groove of things (or not).

The hat I made today and will have the pattern up soon! The lovely dress I just got this weekend, it was a dress the Chris picked out for me (he’s got pretty good taste~). And yea that’s about all, its been snowing here so much I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin and see green grass once more!

Until next time

<3 Millie

2014 is the Time for Hats!

crochet hats


Happy 2014!! Honestly it does not even seem like it, I know I’m not the only one out there who keeps writing 2013 on my papers right? :) I’ve been quiet lately but I plan to stay, or try to stay, and make sure I stay because in actuality, I miss this place :’(  One can easily forget their personal need to engage in the hobbies they love. I’ll ramble later- right now check out these funky hats~

The past month I have been making hats, which were meant to be sent off to my mother last month but…oops they are still on my shelf. I admit, I have worn them once or twice. Two of these are patterns I’ve revisited, and learned to perfect.

Divine Hat

Divine Hat

Unbelievable how simple and elegant I think this hat is! I found this pattern scrolling about Rheatheylia’s website. This took no time at all to make, and doesn’t even use a lot of yarn. I was worried that due to the shell stitches, it wouldn’t be very wrong. I was happily wrong. A very snug cap that looks cute indoors and outdoors.

Charleston Cloche

Charleston Cloche

An old favorite that always is a challenge, Red Heart’s cloche pattern. The first time I made this hat I had no idea what was going on. Revisiting the pattern months later, I still had no idea what was going on! This pattern takes a LOT of concentration, but eventually things start making sense. I used a slimmer, softer yarn (Caron’s Simple Soft) to have a less bulky effect for this one and I think the results are fantastic :)

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

Urban Jungle Slouchy Hat

A recreation of the first hat I ever made, Vickie Howell’s Slouchy hat.  Be prepared to use a ton of yarn, those puff stitches look cute but you will be amazed how fast your yarn bundle diminishes. This casual dress up or dress down hat is great with any look in my opinion. OUt of all the hats this did take me the longest though, but well worth it. This hat I like especially for spring and fall seasons, because it’s pretty breezy.

I’ve started work on another hat (for myself that is) called the Honeycomb Beanie by Sarah M. The awesome pattern as you probably guessed, look like little honeycombs~ I can’t wait to finish.

Unfortunately that’s all I have to show from my 3 month hiatus -_- I did do a ton of custom orders and side projects for friends but didn’t take a single picture! I did however take pictures of my New Year’s eve (off topic but whatever) :

2014 here we are!

2014 here we are!

I bought in ’14 with these dorks, Brian, Chris, and William. They always make me the one that’s getting left behind, pranked, or the butt of the joke, but I wouldn’t take them any other way. This is probably the first picture we’ve ever taken together, and I loved that it turned out kinda weird, it kinda fits our personalities :)

Mew :3

2am, ready for bed!

And here’s a picture of me…I just wanna show off my outfit :) I LOVE this dress, it has a vintage feel to it and those stockings with the kitty faces! I found them on Storenvy, they are great quality, they even have little kitty tail and paws on them, so adorable!

A little rewind to my last months in 2013:
Pumpkin Carving a success/fail – First ever gigantic corn maze – Thanksgiving dinner with the family (bust out the old boardgames that became super competitive) - 1 year anniversary with boyfriend <3 going ice skating! – Skiing! – Christmas! – Nonstop movie going – Illinois’ deep freeze (reaching -43) – working on holidays – New Year’s eve playing Mario Kart Wii~ that’s about all that’s gone down :P

Anyone have resolutions? I don’t really do them, each year I just hope to be happy, healthy, and the same for those I love. In general, I’ve kicked into writing mode and want to increase my poetry and crochet creativity. :) Hope everyone had a good end to 2013, and an even better start to 2014!

Creativity returning, <3 Millie.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Giving myself a new style

Giving myself a new style

This is the story of the girl who loved her curls but wanted to try something new. This one girl had the mentality that “If they can do it, then I can!” And with a pair of scissors, she decided to cut herself some bangs.

The last few months I’ve wanted bangs, and started looking for a salon that would do the job. In the past I’ve had bad experiences at salons (brushes stuck in my hair, burnt with flat irons, products damaging my hair) ect), making me very picky and even scared to let them touch my hair. After hearing outrageous prices (you wouldn’t believe how much they charge for curly hair!) and salons that didn’t even have anyone who could do curly hair, I got frustrated. Yesterday morning I got a pair of scissors and had at it.

Afterward, I couldn’t decide if I liked them, or hated them, or if I looked like a clown. I called a salon my mom recommended and they said they’d give them a fix for only $10.  Walking in and explaining the situation, they looked at me like I was crazy. They sat me down, snipped their scissors 3 times and started laughing at me! They said they were fine, and they weren’t even going to charge me. Feeling insanely embarrassed, I dashed out the shop!

I know they aren’t anywhere near perfect, but I only trust myself with my hair and practice will make me a pro eventually, right? Right!

This weekend my projects are a pink hat for my mom and cupcake mittens for my cupcake hat. Also looking forward to seeing Chris and watching that movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock, heard it was really great!


I Return—with Cupcakes ofcourse! (Short tutorial included)

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

With a cupcake here and a cupcake there~

Because what would Millie be without cupcakes? Sugarless and sad, that’s what!
I apologize for my hiatus, just had to adjust to my new working lifestyle. But I’ll get to that in a few– I want to share sweet new addition to my wardrobe, a cupcake hat!

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

Topped with sprinkles and a cherry

I told myself this cupcakeness had to stop, but I really wanted a new hat and I just got this Hello Kitty Cupcake Maker so my exposure to the mini sweet cakes has them on my brain. I particularly liked this hat because of the swirl pattern, looks just like frosting in my eyes. I added little white glass beads and a cherry to top it off. Someone, make one and have matching hats with me!

The pattern, super easy and brilliant was made by Sarah Beth, and she has a Youtube tutorial that takes you step by step right here: To the Video! The video is pretty long (like 40 min), here’s a short run down if you don’t want to keep skipping though.

  1. 5.00 mm hook, Color 1 for the cake, and Color 2 for the frosting.
  2. Start the Cake:
    Measure your melon! You need to know how long to make the cake band.
    Using Color 1, Chain 11 and turn.
    Row 1: Sc 12. Ch and turn.
    Row 2: Back Loop 12. Ch and turn.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row 2 until the band is long enough to comfortably go around your head. Leave a tail.
  3. Frosting:
    Grab Color 2 and Ch 26.
    Row 1: Starting in the 3rd st from the hook, do 2 Half Double Crochets in the same st. Do single HDC in the next 21 st. HDC 2tog (decrease) the last two st.
    Row 2: HDC 2tog, then sc 21 st, do 2 HDC in the last st.
    Alternate between Row 1 and Row until this band is as long as the cake band made before. Leave a LONG tail.
  4. Cherry:
    Magic Ring 6.
    Sc, 2sc in next st.
    Sc 2, 2sc in next st.
    Sc around.
    Sc 2, 2tog.
    Sc 1, 2tog.
    2tog closed.
  5. Assembly: Sew the Frosting to the Cake with the tail left from the frosting band. Next, sew both sides together so it looks like a normal hat. Sew the top of the hat closed, its hard to describe how she did it in the tutorial, but at 34:10 in the video she does a good job. Top off the hat with the cherry and sprinkles. And viola- ze hat iz fresh out zee oven!

This tutorial is so easy, and with the video she literally goes step by step so it is impossible to get confused. I thank her a lot, I love the way it looks! The first night I wore it, I already got a compliment. I even wear it to work and have parents complimenting me (mainly because they want one for their little girls, but still makes me happy).

Oh yea, I’m a working gal now! I work at a sports center in a small town I used to live in. Its only part time, but this job is practically a work out!! My whole shifts I’m on my feet non-stop, there aren’t even chairs for us to sit it because there is always something to do. The biggest downside though is it is a 40 min drive. While I still hope to find a less hectic full time job, for now I am content with having a job and a steady paycheck. Feels great to finally be part of the workforce.

As for Etsy, unfortunately I have been showing Millie’s Crochet House a little less attention due to my new schedule. But I did manage to complete my goal of making a bunch of patterns from scratch. I have 15 play food patterns <-(picture in my last post)! They are divided by fruits, veggies, and desserts. I plan to make a few more that are meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, ect. I like/dislike the challenge of pattern making, so even if they don’t sell I’m pretty proud of myself!

Life has its normal ups and downs and stresses, but I keep believing things will work out and I’ll somehow pull through. I can’t believe this time last year I didn’t know how to drive, was jobless, and fully dependent on my parents. I’ve done a complete 180 and accomplished all those things. Not to mention it helps to have a boyfriend who is actually supportive and treats me well :)


He hates pictures but somehow I keep getting him to take some ;D

My goal is for there to be more crafting once again! Or atleast more blogging, I miss it here and I have a ton of other blogs to catch up on! >.<  Halloween is this month! I am really excited to experience two things for the first time: carve a pumpkin and go in a corn maze!! Simple things that the majority of the population has done since childhood, but I missed those traditions and like I really want to do them. Anyone dressing up? You’re never to old in my book. :) Hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to play my 3ds, lucky me is playing 4 games at once @_@

Thanks for still checking in even though I was M.I.A!
<3 Millie